Untitled-1I Am
A Ceramics designer with a specialization in marketing.
Currently working as a freelancer in communication in graphic design and social media coordination.
I live in Lisbon with my husband and my daughter.

I Did
The first five years of my career I worked as a full-time designer in the decorative ceramics and tableware industry.
I drew shapes of plates, cups, dishes, mugs, jugs, while creating illustrations for tableware collections. At the same time I decorated showrooms and stands, and supported the commercial department in contacts with customers. I could see what was beyond my world on business trips to participate in trade fairs as an exhibitor or as a visitor. I learned a lot about organizations, production lines and people management.

In those years I realized that I would like to work as a freelancer when I had my own family.

As a freelancer I always kept one foot in ceramics but most of the work that did was in the graphic design area. The plates, cups, dishes, mugs … led to leaflets, brochures, logos, signs … and to communication strategies and creative direction.And then came the internet. The world had changed. I adapted. I became a frequent user and simultaneously acquired knowledge that enabled me to develop and manage online presence on websites and social networks.I advanced to 2.0. This is the point where I am today and where you can find me.


The know-how that I accumulated allows me to perform various tasks for small brands or big brands who want a different perspective to their online presence, less corporate and closer to the user.

Design & Communication
Social Media
Virtual Assitant

I Am a helping hand. Whether you need an original brand image, a website, a brochure, a consistent and enjoyable online presence, or just a temporary help in times of work overload, I reply!